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Expunctions can mean different things. In some jurisdictions, it essentially means to wipe out, burn or destroy the records associated with the criminal charge that is expunged. In other jurisdictions, it may mean to “seal” or otherwise conceal this information from public view. In any event, the desired outcome is the same: to hide from public view the commission of any crime.

The unfortunate reality for many people who have been convicted of some manner of felony or misdemeanor is that they are often unable to escape from the shadow of their criminal record despite having paid their debt to society and wanting nothing more than a new beginning.

Indeed, a criminal record can prevent those seeking a job or a particular professional license from realizing their goals, as employers and licensing boards will often use this as a basis for disqualification. As distressing as this is, people should be aware that the state of Michigan has established a process for clearing a criminal record.

It’s important to understand, however, that the process of setting aside a conviction, frequently referred to as an expungement, is subject to certain restrictions. At Starks Law we want to help you, contact us today!